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Board of Directors

FLAP Canada is governed by a Board of Directors. FLAP Canada's Board of Directors, which meets six times a year to ensure the effective management of FLAP Canada. No Board director receives remuneration in his or her role as a director. The Board is composed of seven (9) members who bring a variety of talents, experiences and expertise to the governance of FLAP Canada.

Please direct any Board inquiries to Susan Krajnc at

Meet our Board:

David Lewis, Chair

“There are many reasons for the decline of songbird species in our cities. One of them is certainly the bird-building collision issue. Together with my concern for that, and personal interest in the health of our natural environment, I stepped up to Board service with FLAP Canada to volunteer my experience as an environmental consultant. It is also a way to support the organization’s strategic direction and growth.“

Bob Alsip, Vice-Chair

“Over the past ten years, I’ve volunteered my business acumen with FLAP Canada to develop bird collision reduction solutions and devise market strategies for its BirdSafe® standards and building risk assessment services. Not only does Board service allow me to further table my business management skills, FLAP’s mandate supports my personal commitment to bird preservation.”

Olena Stevenson, Treasurer

“I cannot imagine the world without birds. I know how much civilization damages bird species populations by occupying and changing their habitat. It troubles me to think that we have fewer birds than ever, and their numbers are declining rapidly. Being part of FLAP Canada is a privilege. I love being involved in actions that help our feathered friends safely navigate through our built environment. I volunteer my time and expertise with FLAP because I believe in its mission and I want to be part of solutions of preserving birds.“

Brett Tryon, Director

“I’ve devoted my career to conservation. I spent many years monitoring migratory birds, and as an artist, I am inspired by their beauty and diversity. I volunteer on the board of FLAP Canada because the organization spearheaded the movement to make buildings safer for birds. As cities continue to grow, their work is increasingly important.”

Dr Daniel Klem Jr, Director

“For 44 years, as a scientist I have studied, written, and taught about the threat that sheet glass and plastic pose to birds. I am motivated by available and growing evidence that bird-building collisions are an important conservation, building industry, legal, and animal welfare issue for birds and people worldwide. I feel privileged and honored to serve on the Board of an organization that is a model world leader addressing the unintended and unwanted avian mortality resulting from bird-window collisions.”

Albert Koehl, Director

“Each migratory bird has an incredible story — one to be marvelled at and celebrated. And yet we allow these incredible stories to end with a violent crash against a building window and death on the cold pavement. In working on the FLAP board I hope to continue my previous work in leading two private prosecutions against corporate building owners — resulting in an important legal precedent to protect migratory birds --- and in my current role as adjunct professor of Natural Resources Management at Osgoode Hall Law School.”

Ben Coleman, Director

"As more and more people live in cities, it's important that we appreciate nature right where we live and make our neighbourhoods safe for bird species. I volunteer with FLAP because I want to help secure the funding and support that our volunteers and staff need to save birds' lives every day."

Elizabeth Liu, Director

Sarah Gates, Director

“I began volunteering with FLAP Canada in 2005 as an on-the-ground FLAP bird rescuer after I first learned about the bird-window collision issue. Over the years, my love for birds and birding grew along with my advocacy for bird conservation. I use my passion for wildlife, experience working with government and not-for-profits to support the advancement of the cause.”