• Bird Protection:
    Canadian Legislation

In a 2013 research paper – A First Estimate for Canada of the Number of Birds Killed by Colliding with Building Windows – window collisions were ranked as the second-highest direct human cause of bird deaths in Canada, estimating that 16 million to 42 million (25 million mid-point) birds die from window collision annually in Canada.

Are there laws in Canada that protect birds? Yes, there are. And they include reflected light regulation.

Information on those may be found in public record. Here are a few:

It is also an offence under Ontario law to remit reflected light that kills or injures birds:

“Judge Green’s legal analysis of the actus reus (the substance of each offence) is impeccable and will set an important precedent: emission and reflections of light from buildings, which lure birds to their deaths, do breach the Environmental Protection Act and the Species at Risk Act.”
— Dianne Saxe, Environmental Lawyer