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25,000+ birds given a second chance at life

A Ruby-throated Hummingbird rescued by a FLAP volunteer


As the first non-profit organization of its kind in the world, FLAP brought the serious issue of birds in collisions with buildings to the attention of wildlife conservation platforms across North America. We’ve captured the interest of concerned citizens, environmental groups, municipal governments, and ornithological researchers.

Our goal is to generate all that interest and momentum into concrete actions that help protect migrating birds, but as a charitable organization, FLAP relies on your generosity and support to achieve this goal.

A female Golden-crowned Kinglet
(Photo: Jim Flynn)

Help Support our Programs

Your generous donation helps FLAP save birds by directly supporting our four key programs:

  • Bird Rescue
  • Bird Rehabilitation
  • Research
  • Education

Your Donation Makes A Difference!

Here are just a few of our accomplishments thanks to previous support:

  • Lights Out Toronto! - an annual public education campaign to reduce migratory bird collisions with buildings at night and during the day.
  • Bird-Friendly Development Guidelines - a resource for builders, building owners, managers, developers and architects.
  • Common birds of Toronto - an educational booklet of common species that frequently hit buildings.
  • Annual educational displays at the Royal Ontario Museum at the end of migration season.
  • Improved data collection methods—FLAP is now a primary resource for ornithological research worldwide.
A Dark-eyed Junco
(Photo: Carol L. Edwards)

There is so much more we can do with your help.

With Your Gift We Can:

  • Encourage our cities and towns to use bird-safe practices on new and existing buildings.
  • Keep our volunteers well-trained and well-equipped with emergency bird rescue supplies.
  • Expand our education program to keep the issue of birds colliding with buildings at the forefront of wildlife conservation mandates.

Please give generously today and help FLAP save migrating birds!

Gifts of $20 or more are automatically issued a tax receipt. Gifts under $20 will be issued tax receipts by request only.

A Black-throated Green Warbler
(Photo: Carol L. Edwards)

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Charitable #: 14074 6736 RR0001

Please choose your preferred method of giving from the options below:

Thank you for your Generosity and Caring!