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Bird-Safe Campus

Trent student centre

Do you want to start a movement to protect birds from collisions with buildings on your own campus but don’t know where to begin?

Learn about our Bird-Safe Campus initiative: a set of tools, guides and best practices for patrol fieldwork, as well as steps to advocate or implement bird-safe solutions on campus. We hope it will inspire you and the next generation of bird conservation campus leaders.

Birds in Your Hood

Bird with Tagline - Birds in Your Hood

Birds In Your Hood is education outreach that encourages youth to appreciate the diversity of birds in their own neighbourhoods. Our goal is that future generations recognize the beauty of birds, their value in our local ecosystems and be engaged in protecting vulnerable species through bird-safe buildings.

Our interactive workshops feature bird migration through human-built environments. Our presentations may be additionally enhanced by bird-spotting walks in the local neighbourhood. Binoculars and field guides will be supplied.

For more information or to schedule a Birds In Your Hood workshop, Contact Us.