GBCM Updates

Updated August 5 2021

  1. Report an issue. You can now report an issue with any collision report on the mapper. Simply open the collision report in question and select “Report an issue” . A form will open for you to fill out.
  2. Join the GBCM Community. You can now sign up to receive the FLAP Canada newsletter which will include GBCM updates, and summaries of the Spring and Fall migration seasons.
  3. Report a Collision. The fields in the “Report a Collision” form have been rearranged. The location and photo fields (now at the top) are required. If you do not have a photo, you need to check the “No photo available” box in order to submit the report. New optional fields include : time of collision, and tag number for collected dead birds.

Why is a photo important?

Accurate bird identification helps provide accurate data. Including a photo of the bird you found in your collision report helps us achieve this goal. This allows us to separate details such as sex, species at risk and most frequently encountered species.

Having trouble finding your location?

If you cannot find your location on the Global Bird Collision Mapper consider trying these solutions:

    1.  The GPS accuracy of the ‘find my location’ button may be poor. Consider clicking this button again to see if it improves.
    2. If you still cannot find your location, consider entering the street address of the building the bird was found at in the search bar in the top right corner of the map.
    3. If you do not know the address, consider zooming in manually on the map by clicking anywhere on the map or using the zoom function located on the left side of the map.
    4. Is the building missing from the map? Try the other basemaps available in the bottom left corner . The satellite map tends to be the most up to date.

Looking for more information? Check out our FAQs