Commercial & Industry

Under the umbrella of BirdSafe®, we provide consulting services that inform architects, builders, property managers and city planners on the reduction of risk to birds, and the development and adoption of bird-friendly guidelines.

Bird protection programs have gained the support of professional associations such as the Ontario Association of Architects.

In 2016, the Ontario Architects Association (OAA) published an open letter recognizing the important role that architects play in helping reduce the dangers that our built environment pose to birds.

“Work done by existing advocacy groups such as FLAP Canada are an important resource as we move towards (bird-) wildlife-friendly design, and we encourage our members and the public to learn more about this topic.”
Toon Dreessen, Architect, President
Ontario Association of Architects

Continuing Education for Architects

Through speaking engagements, presentations at architectural conferences, lunch-and-learn sessions at individual firms, and face-to-face meetings with architects, as well as through our BirdSafe® Building Risk Assessment consulting, we offer continuing education for the architecture industry.

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