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FLAP’s BirdSong Monthly Giving Plan

CRA Charitable #: 14074 6736 RR0001

A Northern Flicker is released back into the wild by FLAP.
(Photo: Mark Jackson)

Migrating birds, like the Northern Flicker in the photo above, play a critical role in the health of all ecosystems. birds consume countless numbers of insects daily and disperse the plant seeds that ensure biodiversity. Their beauty and song enriches our lives and our experience with nature.

Please help FLAP to help the birds survive migration through our urban environments.

Your Donation Can Save birds

With previous support from donors like you, our initiatives have resulted in the development of the City of Toronto’s Bird-Friendly Development Guidelines for the construction and renovation of new and existing buildings. We also spearheaded an ongoing public campaign to get overnight lighting turned off in downtown office buildings during each migration season. And we hold ongoing educational workshops and public awareness campaigns at every opportunity.

These encouraging projects gave us some momentum, but we need to keep pushing forward in our mission to protect migrating birds as they struggle to journey through our cities and towns.

Why Join FLAP’s BirdSong Monthly Giving Plan?

When you join FLAP’s convenient Monthly Giving Plan with a monthly contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever amount you prefer, you directly support FLAP’s bird conservation efforts and ensure a sustainable income for our vital environmental work. Your monthly contribution, however large or small, gives us the confidence to implement new bird rescue strategies and bird-friendly programs, and to train and equip more rescue volunteers: all with a goal to saving as many birds as we possibly can.

Donors who join our Monthly Giving Plan receive two issues per year of our newsletter, Touching Down. This newsletter provides updates on the status of our current bird protection projects and activities, as well as interesting facts, figures and profiles on migrating bird species.

It’s Easy to Join the BirdSong Monthly Giving Plan

To join FLAP’s BirdSong Monthly Giving Plan, simply mail a void, signed cheque to FLAP at the address below, along with a note indicating the amount of your monthly contribution.

The Fatal Light Awareness Program
123 Queen Street West
Box 199
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3M9

On the 15th of each month, your gift will be automatically deducted from your designated account and put to work for the migrating birds that desperately need your assistance. You can increase, decrease or cancel your gift at any time by calling us at (416) 366–3527 or by emailing us at

If you prefer to have your monthly gift charged to your credit card, you can join the Monthly Giving Plan through; a registered, non-profit organization that facilitates donations to registered Canadian charities like FLAP through their secure, online payment site. Click on the button below to choose this option.

Thank you in advance for your kind and generous support!