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Report a Bird Collision

A Golden-crowned Kinglet about to be free again.
(Photo: FLAP Canada)

Did you see a bird hit a window? Have you found a dead or injured bird on the ground at the base of a building?

FLAP Canada would like to know about it. With your assistance, we can locate the buildings in your area that pose a significant bird-window collision problem.

Your Participation Can Help Save Birds

By sharing your eye-witness, bird-window collision encounter, you alert FLAP Canada to the presence of dangerous sites in your community, and afford us the opportunity to assess the windows at those locations, suggest collision prevention techniques, and help save the lives of countless birds.

Sharing your encounter also helps us maintain an accurate database of bird-window collision statistics. This information is now a primary resource worldwide for bird conservation and ornithological research into bird vision and bird-window collision prevention.

To report a bird collision, simply visit our FLAP Mapper web page and register as a Mapper. Whether you're in Canada, the United States, Australia or Brazil, the FLAP Mapper enables you to enter a bird/window collision anywhere in the world. To learn how to use the Mapper, read our FLAP Mapper Use Guide.

Join the bird collision prevention movement and register as a FLAP Mapper today!