• Join Us: Bird-Safe Building Strategies Workshop

    October 20, 2021

Bird-building collisions are a leading threat to bird populations, but there are relatively simple solutions. More and more cities and levels of government across North America are now requiring that buildings be designed to be safe for birds.

On October 20, 2021, join FLAP Canada for a FREE all-day virtual workshop on bird-safe building strategies designed specifically for industry professionals. Featuring speakers with expertise in bird biology, bird-safe architecture, and law, this workshop will provide participants with a deep understanding of the bird-building collision issue, while offering opportunities to network and build relationships with other industry professionals and government agencies. FLAP Canada aims to equip future leaders in government and industry sectors with the knowledge necessary for creating a bird-safe built environment.

Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Understand why birds hit windows and how bird migration influences the risk of day-time and night-time collisions
  • Understand the conservation implications of bird collisions with glass
  • Identify regional, local, and building-level factors that make bird collisions more likely to occur
  • Identify options to assess buildings for collision risk, including monitoring programs, FLAP Canada’s BirdSafe® Building Risk Assessment service, and FLAP Canada’s DIY Building Risk Assessment App
  • Be able to identify effective and ineffective mitigation strategies, and understand what makes an effective or ineffective mitigation strategy
  • Understand the importance of due diligence to protect birds under provincial and federal law
  • Identify current bird-safe building standards and potential building certification opportunities

Meet Our Guest Speakers

Albert Koehl, Environmental Lawyer

John Carley, Architect (Retired), FRAIC

Mauro Carreño, Architect, MRAIC

About FLAP Canada

Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) Canada is a registered charity widely recognized as the pre-eminent authority on the bird-building collision issue. For almost 30 years, FLAP Canada has worked tirelessly to safeguard migratory birds in the built environment through advocacy, education, policy development, research, and bird rescue and rehabilitation. Together with our network of partners, FLAP Canada reaches people across the globe each year to promote bird-safe practices and engage citizens in on-the-ground conservation. FLAP Canada works with industry professionals, researchers, wildlife conservation groups, government agencies and members of the public to fulfill our mission of keeping birds safe in the built environment.

A small fraction of the bird-window collision victims in Toronto, picked up by FLAP volunteers in a single year. Photo: Patricia Seaton

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Registration is now closed. If you registered and can no longer attend the workshop, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at flap@flap.org so we may open your spot to someone else.