• Birdsafe® DIY Building Risk Assessment App

    Use the FLAP App to help identify windows that present the greatest threat to birds at your home or workplace.

    Eurasian Wren

Together with our partners, FLAP Canada has developed a number of effective window treatments that mitigate the risk glass surfaces pose to birds. But with the countless number of windows in existence, it is simply not realistic to imagine that they could all be treated.

Enter the FLAP App, which attempts to identify the windows that present the greatest threat to birds.

The BirdSafe® DIY Building Risk Assessment – also known as the FLAP App – is a web app designed to estimate the collision risks—both daytime and nighttime—that a building and its individual façades might pose to birds. It is a quick and user-friendly way to assess the collision threat for each of the windows in your building.

To use the FLAP App, simply visit https://www.flapapp.ca/ on your handheld device or desktop computer. We welcome feedback on your experience with the app. Your valuable input will be used to save even more birds’ lives.