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    Ovenbird in leaf litter

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- 4 hours ago

Thank you for bringing awareness to Calgary and beyond. https://t.co/dhy5Zs691Y
h J R

- 4 hours ago

@wildbirdfund: As the old saying goes, it takes a cruise ship, a port agent, two nonprofit orgs and a volunteer on a bicycle to save a bird. Welcome ashore, bobolink! See what happened was... https://t.co/O1OpNbMVwR
h J R

- 4 hours ago

@BirdMonitors: What does an injured bird look like? They look a lot like this warbler! Birds do not sleep where they may be vulnerable to predators. If you see a bird resting or sitting in the open like this, he needs help. Thanks to Lindsay Williams (instagram @chicagoldubs) for this photo. https://t.co/O3DWiYzF9T
h J R

- 7 hours ago

FLAP Canada’s annual bird layout educates about the dangers birds face in our built environment in a moving display of the dead birds collected by FLAP rescue volunteers. This layout includes roughly 5000 birds collected between 2019 and 2020. https://t.co/BqYeyXwGFi https://t.co/zXJNmfuFQv
h J R

- 8 hours ago

@pamelagough: Fall migration is underway with lots of woodland species moving through TO. Much more quiet than spring, this migration may pass unnoticed by most. I’m using a kit to put a grid of dots on the ground floor windows ⁦@FLAPCanada⁩ to prevent bird collisions. Every bit counts. https://t.co/q1LOOOWzYi
h J R