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@FLAPCanada on Twitter

- 19 hours ago

@BirdsCanada_BC: We've got new motus stations installed in the BC Peace region! 🥳 We use these locally at the @FraserDeltaIBA to study shorebird migration and support #conservation research. https://t.co/MtA2nJDtg3
h J R

- 1 day ago

Retired architect and FLAP board member John Carley answers questions about bird-safe buildings in our latest video. https://t.co/3BQgkoJLZ0
h J R

- 3 days ago

This is what we love to see! Amazing work by @uOttawa students and @SafeWingsOtt in retrofitting a bird collision hotspot on the University of Ottawa campus with this beautiful bird-safe mural. https://t.co/wNIqg7vjoZ
h J R

- 5 days ago

After accidentally flying into a window, this Black-and-White Warbler was rescued by a FLAP volunteer who quickly rushed her to @TWC_Wildlife for medical care. Thankfully, she made a full recovery. TWC volunteer @robantheanimals captured the moment she returned to the wild. https://t.co/pko8ByA6nC
h J R

- 8 days ago

@FeatherFriendly: In an article by @stw_news, Brendon Samuels (@eyeonthefly), a Western PhD student and Feather Friendly® ambassador, spoke about the dangers that bird collisions have on not only bird populations, but also the environment. Read the full article here: https://t.co/pI6RR15tcj
h J R