Thank you for calling our hotline at 416 366 3527. We monitor this number from 7 am to 4pm every day during bird spring and fall migration seasons. We will return your call as soon as possible. If calling after hours, we will return your message within 24 hours.

If you are calling during winter or summer, please note we may take a little longer to get back to you.

Please do not provide injured or baby birds with any food or water until you speak to a wildlife rehab.

Help with injured birds

If you have found an injured bird that has collided with a window please follow the steps listed here to help.

  1. Contain the bird in an unwaxed paper bag or a box with small air holes
  2. Place tissue or paper towel at the bottom for the bird to stand on
  3. Keep the contained bird in a dark, quiet place and do not provide food or water
  4. Additional information here

Help with baby birds

  1. Determine if the baby bird is a nestling or fledgling using this resource
  2. Fledgling birds (if uninjured) spend their first few days on the ground unable to fly. This is completely normal. If there are no obvious injuries, please follow the information here
  3. If you still need assistance, feel free to leave us a message, but please note that if you are in the GTA, we will direct you to call Shades of Hope as they are the only rehab close by that is able to take in baby songbirds.
  4. Find temporary care instructions here.

Find your closest Wildlife Rehab Centre

If you are calling from the Greater Toronto Area:

  1. Toronto Wildlife Centre : 416 631 0662
    – unable to take in baby songbirds
    – able to take in injured adult birds and other wildlife
    – You need to leave a message or use their online form
  2. Shades of Hope : 705 437 4654
    – able to take in baby songbirds
    – able to take in all injured wildlife except raccoons

If you are calling from outside of the Greater Toronto Area:

Ontario Wildlife Rescue

  • Check the map on this site to find the closest wildlife rehab to you that takes in songbirds.

Report Window Collisions

Please report all bird window collisions on the Global Bird Collision Mapper.