• Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) Canada

    Safeguarding migratory birds in built environments for over 25 years

    Warbler on a branch
1 Billion+

Annual bird deaths
caused by collisions with
buildings across North America


Birds recovered (injured or dead)
by FLAP Canada
since 1993


Bird species that collided
with buildings recorded by
FLAP Canada since 1993

Our Mission

FLAP Canada is dedicated to safeguarding migratory birds in the built environment through education, policy development, research, rescue and rehabilitation.

Our Vision

We envision a 24-hour collision-free built environment for migratory birds.

Record a

Become a citizen scientist by mapping every bird collision you encounter with our Global Bird Collision Mapper web app.

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Make Your Home BirdSafe®

Help prevent this leading cause of bird death. Learn how to make your windows safe for birds.

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Assess Your Windows for Bird Collision Risk

The BirdSafe® DIY Building Risk Assessment is a hand-held android application designed to estimate daytime and nighttime collision threats that a building and its individual façades can pose to bird.

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Found an injured bird?

Have you found a bird that has hit a window? First, make sure to NOT leave it where it has fallen. Instead, provide the bird with a quiet, dark, safe place to rest and recuperate. Gently place the bird inside an un-waxed paper bag or a small cardboard box. If possible, place a paper towel or tissue in the bottom before you place the bird inside. Handle the bird as little as possible. Make sure that the bag or box is closed. Never feed the bird or give it water.

Stunned White Throated Sparrow

Stunned white-throated sparrow
Photo by Sara Scharf | FLAP Canada

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