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Bird-Safe Window Marker Guidelines

Although there are many products on the market that claim to stop birds from hitting windows, many do not live up to their promises. Fortunately, by following a few simple guidelines, you can choose an effective option to avoid hearing that dreaded ‘thud.’

The key to stopping birds from flying into your windows is to make the entire window look like a barrier to birds. You can do this by applying dense patterns of markings (small dots, squares, lines, etc.) to the outside of your window. To be most effective, markings must meet these guidelines:

  • Apply markings in a dense pattern, leaving no gaps more than 5 cm by 5 cm (2 inches by 2 inches). If gaps are any larger, birds may try to fly through them and still hit the window.

  • Apply markings to the outside surface of the glass, NOT the inside. Reflections of trees or sky on the outside of the window may render any internal window markings invisible.

  • Markings must be of high contrast so that they stand out on the window. Markings with poor contrast, for example black dots on a very dark window, might not be noticed by birds.

  • Each marking should be no less than 6 mm (1/4 inch) in diameter.

  • Markings must cover the entire surface of the glass.

Bird-Safe Window Options

There are a variety of attractive and affordable options to stop birds from hitting windows at your home or cottage, without affecting your view.
Here are just a few.

Decorative and Privacy Window Films

Frosted or decorative window films can be an attractive addition to your windows, while also helping birds to avoid a deadly collision with glass. Wallpaper for Windows is one company which offers an assortment of decorative window films. Look for a design that meets FLAP Canada’s Guidelines for Visual Markers or contact your local signage company. They may be able to do custom designs to create an attractive and bird-safe treatment. See what one homeowner did on the FLAP blog.

Replacement Windows and New Builds

Temporary Solutions

Guidelines on Bird-Feeder Placement

What Do Homeowners Have To Say?

  • "We have always enjoyed feeding songbirds and watching them from our kitchen window. Not so enjoyable was having birds colliding into the very window that allowed us to observe them. In some unfortunate cases a bird would not survive the collision. Since installing Bird Dots on our window we have eliminated these collisions and fatalities. The view to the outside is still clear yet it feels good that we are doing our part to protect the birds we care about."

    Jason H., Waterloo, Ontario

  • "I purchased the CollidEscape High-Performance BirdTape when I started to notice House Finches coming to visit a small feeder I‘d put up on my 13th floor balcony. I didn’t want them to fly into the glass balcony sides that seem to be common in current condo design. The tape was so easy to apply and worked wonderfully. I‘m happy to say the tape is still up 2 years later and still looks brand new. Ultimately though, I took the feeder down because while my balcony was now safe, I saw the birds going to other balconies that weren’t protected and I didn’t want them to get hurt because of me and my "safe" balcony."

    Cheryl R., Toronto, Ontario

  • "I feed a lot of birds in my backyard and was always horrified when one would hit our kitchen window or sliding glass door. I first solved the problem by using Crayola Window Writers on the outside of the windows/doors and that worked very well but it had to be reapplied after heavy rains or window washing. A few years ago, I applied the do-it-yourself Feather Friendly "dots" and they are amazing! I have no birds hitting the glass and the dots look just as good as they did after I first applied them. And after a while you don‘t even notice the dots anymore so they don’t hamper views of my backyard birds. I highly recommend this product!"

    Chris E., Rockwood, Ontario

    female ruby-throated hummingbird at bird feeder
  • "Having been involved with FLAP for several years, I felt I should put my money where my mouth was and make my windows bird friendly. I was grateful for the resource material provided by FLAP and after mulling it over, I chose the Feather-Friendly tape from Convenience Group, Inc. in Toronto. The dots have been on my windows almost 6 years. In addition to my own efforts, I‘ve had the windows professionally cleaned 3 times since, with no dots coming loose so far. I have been pleasantly surprised at how rarely I notice the dots when I’m looking out the window."

    Audrey D., Toronto, Ontario

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