How to Install Feather Friendly Tape to Prevent Bird-Window Collisions

With the first few warm days of spring (and bird migration gearing up), it’s the perfect time to help protect the birds you love from a deadly threat at your home: a collision with glass.

Luckily, you can prevent birds from having a fatal collision with your windows by providing them with visual cues that glass is present. There are lots of do-it-yourself options to treat your windows at home. To be most effective, it’s important that markers are closely spaced, high contrast, and on the outside surface of the glass.

One option for treating your windows is Feather Friendly marker-tape. Read on to see how to install this product (but make sure to read the instructions in the package before starting).

The Feather Friendly residential tape kit comes with the marker-tape, measuring tapes to help you space the markers properly, and an instruction sheet.

Before you start, your windows must be squeaky clean. If they aren’t, the markers may not adhere properly. Clean your windows with a solution of half rubbing alcohol and half water, or another window cleaner that will not leave any residue. The glass must be completely dry before you start.

Step 1: Set up the measuring tapes

To make sure that the markers will be level across your window, hang up both measuring tapes in the kit on either side of the window. Secure them with regular tape at the top and bottom of the window to keep them in place.

Step 2: Get the marker-tape in position

Next, cut a section of the marker-tape slightly larger than the width of your window. Starting from the top, place the marker-tape 2 inches from the top of the window, which should be at the ‘0 inches’ mark on the measuring tapes. After checking that the tape is stretched evenly across the glass, run your finger along the tape to make it stick.

Repeat this process 2 inches below your first strip of marker-tape, trying to keep the first and last marker in roughly the same spot. Continue every 2 inches until you reach the bottom of the window.

Step 3: Scrape the markers to make them stick

Now you want to ensure the markers adhere properly to the glass. With a credit card or something similar, scrape across each marker a few times to make sure they are stuck and that there aren’t any air bubbles.

Step 4: Peel off the tape

Slowly peel off the marker-tape, keeping it flat against the glass. The markers will be left on the window.

Thank you for helping birds!

Photo: Nancy Barrett

Great job! You’ve done your part to help birds avoid a collision at your home.

Disclaimer:  BirdSafe and FLAP Canada do not endorse or recommend any commercial glass product or manufacturer; therefore, mention of commercial products on this website cannot be construed as an endorsement or recommendation. Results may vary depending on conditions such as landscaping, topography, building design, lighting, local bird populations and the condition of the product itself. No window solution can guarantee elimination of bird-window collisions.