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Choosing Coffee That Supports Bird Conservation

Ah, coffee. Many of us can’t get through our day without a cup (or three). Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, but our addiction to caffeine can come with a steep environmental price tag. Most of the coffee we drink comes from plantations that destroy and clear native forest to grow coffee […]

An Affordable DIY Option to Prevent Birds From Hitting Windows

Homeowners may be shocked and disheartened when a bird hits their window, but the sad truth is that this happens much more frequently than people think. In Canada, an estimated 25 million birds perish every year due to collisions with glass. 90% of these collisions are thought to happen at single family homes. There is […]

How Can I Feed Birds Safely?

Millions of people across Canada feed wild birds as a way to enjoy nature and help birds. But did you know you might actually be putting your feathered friends’ lives in danger by doing so? Feeding birds is not without risks, and one major threat claims the lives of millions of birds every year: collisions […]

Three Ways to Enjoy Birds Without Leaving Your Home

Spring is in the air. The grass is getting greener, robins are singing their hearts out, and a steady stream of migratory songbirds are passing by on their way to their breeding grounds. For those of us who are used to getting out in nature to witness the magic of spring migration, being homebound during […]

The Surprising Culinary Adventures of Overwintering Warblers

The last few weeks of winter may have us longing for the warmth of spring and summer, and we aren’t the only ones thinking of the months ahead. Many of our favourite migratory songbirds, which have jumped ship and headed south to warmer climates for the winter, are now busy fattening up in preparation for […]

Getting Kids Excited About Birds and Conservation

It’s no secret that children are spending more of their day glued to screens and less time out in nature. There is even a term to describe the negative mental and physical health effects that children (and adults) face from a lack of meaningful connection with the natural world: nature deficit disorder. But a lack […]

What Happens to the Birds that Survive a Window Collision?

It’s a distressing reality that millions of birds continue to tragically die in Canada every year due to collisions with glass. Most of the birds that hit windows die on impact or soon after due to their injuries. But some birds simply appear to be stunned. Will these birds be ok? Many people think that […]

A Year in Review

One little bird started it all. For Michael Mesure, FLAP Canada’s Executive Director, keeping birds safe in urban areas has been the focus of his life for the last 30 years. At the beginning of the New Year, I sat down with Michael to look back on 2019 and look forward to FLAP’s plans for […]