Oil-Based Paint Markers: A Fun and Affordable Way to Stop Birds From Hitting Windows

Fall bird migration is just around the corner, and millions of birds will be making a perilous journey through our cities on the way to their winter homes. You can help make this journey a safer one by acting now to prevent deadly window collisions at your home. This post will walk you through how […]

[ARCHIVED] Ontario’s Bill 23 eliminated municipal bird friendly building guidelines. Now it’s time to put a province-wide standard in the Building Code.

By Brendon Samuels, Ontario Building Code Campaign Coordinator UPDATE: This blog post has been archived. Since changes were made to Bill 23 after the time of this blog’s publication in November 2022, details described here may no longer be accurate. Revisions made to Bill 23 at the standing committee between the second and third readings […]

Property Managers Face New Risks in Changing Bird-Window Collision Landscape

Collisions with buildings, both during the day and at night, pose a lethal threat to bird species worldwide. FLAP Canada has been working to protect birds from this leading cause of death since 1993. Despite our best efforts, many challenges in these early days made it difficult for us to advocate for bird-safe practices at […]

How to Stop Birds From Attacking Windows

You’re enjoying some blissful sleep, when suddenly, you’re woken by an incessant tapping at your window. Cozy and content in your warm refuge, you try to ignore it, hoping it will soon stop. It doesn’t. Begrudgingly, you get out of bed and open your blinds to find a bird at your window, aggressively fighting an […]

Elevate Your Corporate Sustainability Program with a Bird-Safe Window Initiative

More and more businesses and organizations are committing to reducing their environmental footprint in the workplace. Besides a clear environmental benefit, investing in corporate sustainability can increase employee satisfaction and wellbeing, be marketed as a competitive edge, and even improve your bottom line. No matter how big or small your organization (or budget), there are […]

The Invisible Cabin: A Deadly Illusion for Birds

Environmentally conscious would-be vacationers are being misled by false promises. Clever marketers paint an irresistible picture of a novel and eco-friendly retreat. “Come immerse yourself in nature!” they say. In the middle of an unspoiled forest, you can stay in a supposedly ‘green’ cabin, which, with its mirrored exterior, is specifically designed to camouflage perfectly […]

Tips for Educating Building Tenants about Bird-Safe Best Practices

Fall bird migration is just around the corner, and with it, an increased risk of birds fatally colliding with buildings during their amazing journeys. Bird-window collisions are at their peak in the fall as billions of beautiful, colourful birds (and all the babies born in the summer) must navigate through unfamiliar urban areas on the […]

Balcony Birding: A Great Way to Enjoy Birds While We Stay Home

By Monika Croydon Balcony birding is the hot new hobby! No traveling or social distancing required, with easy access to food, drinks, and washrooms. Lockdowns don’t stop the birds from migrating! Now that we in Ontario are back to a stay-at-home directive, it’s even more important to be able to watch birds safely. I’m very […]

Spring bird migration is underway: Here’s what property managers and owners can do to protect birds

Billions of birds are on the move across North America this spring as they migrate to their northern breeding areas. Unfortunately, many do not reach their destination due to fatal collisions with reflective and transparent glass. Light pollution in urban areas intensifies this problem by throwing migrating birds off course and drawing them closer to […]

Choosing Coffee That Supports Bird Conservation

Ah, coffee. Many of us can’t get through our day without a cup (or three). Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages, but our addiction to caffeine can come with a steep environmental price tag. Most of the coffee we drink comes from plantations that destroy and clear native forest to grow coffee […]