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[ARCHIVED] Ontario’s Bill 23 eliminated municipal bird friendly building guidelines. Now it’s time to put a province-wide standard in the Building Code.

By Brendon Samuels, Ontario Building Code Campaign Coordinator UPDATE: This blog post has been archived. Since changes were made to Bill 23 after the time of this blog’s publication in November 2022, details described here may no longer be accurate. Revisions made to Bill 23 at the standing committee between the second and third readings […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Zimany

How long have you been a FLAP volunteer? Officially, I started in 2011; unofficially since 1997. In what capacity do you volunteer? I monitor and pick up birds at buildings around Midtown Toronto. Occasionally, I help at tabling events and fold brochures at the FLAP office.  What initially drew you to volunteer with FLAP? The […]

The Winding Path of Advocating for Bird Friendly Buildings

By Brendon Samuels If you follow FLAP and are reading this, then you probably care about conserving birds in your community. Unfortunately, there are a lot of buildings already out there, and others still being constructed, that pose a great risk of birds colliding with windows. Until existing building windows are retrofitted, or new buildings […]

How to Stop Birds From Attacking Windows

You’re enjoying some blissful sleep, when suddenly, you’re woken by an incessant tapping at your window. Cozy and content in your warm refuge, you try to ignore it, hoping it will soon stop. It doesn’t. Begrudgingly, you get out of bed and open your blinds to find a bird at your window, aggressively fighting an […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Sally Thomas

How long have you been a FLAP volunteer? Approximately 10 years. In what capacity do you volunteer? Downtown Toronto patroller. I walk around the downtown core for 1-2 hours looking for birds that have collided with buildings. Too often they are dead but enough are alive to keep up the optimism. What initially drew you […]

Elevate Your Corporate Sustainability Program with a Bird-Safe Window Initiative

More and more businesses and organizations are committing to reducing their environmental footprint in the workplace. Besides a clear environmental benefit, investing in corporate sustainability can increase employee satisfaction and wellbeing, be marketed as a competitive edge, and even improve your bottom line. No matter how big or small your organization (or budget), there are […]

The Invisible Cabin: A Deadly Illusion for Birds

Environmentally conscious would-be vacationers are being misled by false promises. Clever marketers paint an irresistible picture of a novel and eco-friendly retreat. “Come immerse yourself in nature!” they say. In the middle of an unspoiled forest, you can stay in a supposedly ‘green’ cabin, which, with its mirrored exterior, is specifically designed to camouflage perfectly […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kerrie Blaise

How long have you been a FLAP volunteer? I joined the FLAP board in a volunteer capacity in 2019. It’s been great to be part of such a committed organization, whose work and efforts I’ve followed for over a decade. In what capacity do you volunteer? As a volunteer Board member, I work to find […]