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The Value of Research in Creating Bird-Friendly Campuses

High collision mortality documented during winter and migration spurs conservation action at the University of British Columbia. By Krista De Groot Most collision research has occurred during fall and spring migration in the eastern half of North America, creating both a seasonal and a regional bias in published results. However, after conducting collision research across […]

Tips for Educating Building Tenants about Bird-Safe Best Practices

Fall bird migration is just around the corner, and with it, an increased risk of birds fatally colliding with buildings during their amazing journeys. Bird-window collisions are at their peak in the fall as billions of beautiful, colourful birds (and all the babies born in the summer) must navigate through unfamiliar urban areas on the […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Gary Yankech

How long have you been a FLAP volunteer? I have been a FLAP volunteer since 2011. In what capacity do you volunteer? I am a bird rescue volunteer. I patrol the buildings in the Scarborough Town Centre area and have recently starting patrolling buildings in Markham.   What initially drew you to volunteer with FLAP? I […]

Spring bird migration is underway: Here’s what property managers and owners can do to protect birds

Billions of birds are on the move across North America this spring as they migrate to their northern breeding areas. Unfortunately, many do not reach their destination due to fatal collisions with reflective and transparent glass. Light pollution in urban areas intensifies this problem by throwing migrating birds off course and drawing them closer to […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Anne van Elsen

How long have you been a FLAP volunteer? I have been a FLAP volunteer since October 2010. In what capacity do you volunteer? I’m a bird rescue volunteer, centered around the Yonge and Eglinton area in Toronto. What initially drew you to volunteer with FLAP? Starting in 1995 or so, I would see the ROM […]

A Lesson From a Fallen Star: How a Warbler Taught Me to Give Back

By Michal Zhitomirsky “It’s like Pokémon GO, but in real life!” The above is my standard attempt to explain my enthusiasm for bird watching to my loved ones, who typically respond with a polite smile and vacant eyes. Bird watching has been my favourite activity for three years, and is especially rewarding during the pandemic […]

FLAP in 2020: Our Favourite Achievements

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly made 2020 a year like no other. But, despite all the challenges this year has thrown at us, we at FLAP Canada have never stopped fighting to be a voice for birds. Things looked very different in 2020. To keep our volunteers, staff, and community safe, we made the difficult […]

Meet the Birds of Global Bird Rescue: 2020 Edition

By Kaitlin Brough, FLAP Canada’s Global Bird Rescue Coordinator for 2019 & 2020 As we enter into colder weather in North America, most of the migratory birds have already made their passage south. Sadly, many of these birds never arrive at their wintering grounds because they are killed or injured from collisions with glass during […]