FLAP in 2020: Our Favourite Achievements

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly made 2020 a year like no other. But, despite all the challenges this year has thrown at us, we at FLAP Canada have never stopped fighting to be a voice for birds. Things looked very different in 2020. To keep our volunteers, staff, and community safe, we made the difficult […]

Meet the Birds of Global Bird Rescue: 2020 Edition

By Kaitlin Brough, FLAP Canada’s Global Bird Rescue Coordinator for 2019 & 2020 As we enter into colder weather in North America, most of the migratory birds have already made their passage south. Sadly, many of these birds never arrive at their wintering grounds because they are killed or injured from collisions with glass during […]

Homeowners Share Creative Ways to Prevent Birds from Hitting Windows

Many homeowners have experienced the heart-breaking thud of a bird hitting their window. Unfortunately, this happens much more frequently than most people realize, but there are many simple and affordable ways to prevent other birds from meeting the same fate. This spring, FLAP Canada hosted the #MakeWindowsBirdSafe contest on social media to educate homeowners about […]

Getting Kids Excited About Birds and Conservation

It’s no secret that children are spending more of their day glued to screens and less time out in nature. There is even a term to describe the negative mental and physical health effects that children (and adults) face from a lack of meaningful connection with the natural world: nature deficit disorder. But a lack […]