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The Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) Canada has made great strides in the conservation efforts to reduce the impact of the built environment on migratory birds. Originally focused on the effects of nighttime lights on migrating birds, we developed strong partnerships that would lead to international campaigns to reduce the amount of light pollution at night.

Through tireless advocacy, community engagement and running a network of devoted volunteers, FLAP Canada has accumulated invaluable data on the bird/building collision issue both during the day and at night. It is estimated over a billion birds are killed in North America from daytime window collisions each year. Through strong partnerships, we are developing municipal and national standards and polices, as well as effective bird deterrent solutions.

We continue to produce world-renown data and expertise that influence the private sector, individual homeowners and governments in efforts to save bird species.

Learn how one Common Yellowthroat inspired the movement and a chronology of our achievements here.

Join us in celebrating our 25th anniversary

Here are some of our events and presentations planned throughout the year!


January 25 (Thursday)
  • FLAP to speak at LUSH Cosmetics.
February 6 (Tuesday)
  • FLAP to speak to City Plannning and Development students at the University of Toronto Scarbourough Canmpus.
March 22 (Thursday)
  • The Messenger documentary - Toronto Botanical Garden, co-hosted by FLAP and TBG. Tickets are available on their Facebook page.
March 24 (Saturday)
April 19 (Thursday)
  • Dunbarton Environment Council, Dunbarton High School in Pickering.
May 12 (Saturday)
  • International Migratory Bird Day, Tommy Thompson Park.
May 25 (Friday)
  • FLAP to speak at the 0AA Conference - Toronto.
May 26 (Saturday)
  • Colonel Sam Smith Spring Bird Festival - Kipling & Lakeshore.
April 16 (Monday)
  • FLAP to Speak at the Stouffville Garden Club.
April 16 (Monday)
  • FLAP to Speak at Dundas Public Library - Hamilton.
April 26 (Thursday)
  • FLAP to Speak at Turner Park Library - Hamilton.
June 3 (Saturday)
  • 2nd Marsh Bird Festival - Whitby/Oshawa area.